2020 Black History Oratorical Competition




Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman

In celebration of Black History, all North Penn students from grades 3-12 are invited to participate in this year’s Black History Oratorical Competition. The competition is designed to give North Penn public school students an opportunity to shine through public speaking while honoring Black history. Students will recite published speeches or poems from an African-American or Black leader such as Toni Morrison, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, or others.

Step 1 - Interested students submit a video reciting the speech by Wednesday, January 22nd by completing the form here. A committee will review each submission and select finalists for the district-wide competition.

Step 2 - Selected students from each level will present their speeches at a competition held at Penndale Middle School on Thursday, February 6th from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Step 3 - A finalist from each level (elementary, middle, and high) will perform at the International Spring Festival held at North Penn High School on Saturday, April 18th.

A panel will review submissions and select videos based upon how students respect/honor Black History and embody messages that inspire and uplift participants to continue toward a more equitable future. Remember: Black History is not just about slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. Strive to select oratory pieces that reflect the S.P.I.R.I.T. of the people throughout the African Diaspora:

           S – Strength  P – Perseverance  I – Imagination  R – Responsibility  I – Integrity  T – Talent

For a complete list of rules and rubrics, read below...

Rules for Participants

Students must attend a NPSD public school.

Students must present their chosen speech.

The maximum time limit for an individual is up to 3 minutes for elementary and up to 5 minutes for middle and secondary school participants.

Memorization is encouraged but reading from notecards is allowed.  

Each elementary, middle school and high school participant is allowed only one entry.


The performance will receive points for each of the categories noted below. The maximum number of points achievable is 20. Points will be deducted for rule violations.

           Expression/Stage Presence

           Delivery & Presentation

           Overall Effectiveness


Certificates will be awarded to all participants

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Prize for winners at each level (elementary, middle,  secondary)

Finalists present at the International Spring Festival and will be videoed for NPTV.