What does H & S Do?

York Avenue Elementary School

Home & School Association

Helping Every Child Succeed!

2023-2024 School Year

The York Avenue Home & School (H&S) Association welcomes you to another promising new year!  As parents, we all support our children with their education.  Home & School is made of parent volunteers who work collaboratively with the principal, teachers, and staff to support events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  Together, we can ensure every child succeeds.  



Organizing school events and fundraisers is a key part of the H&S. Events include The Welcome Back Movie Night, The Glow Run/Walk, Ice Cream Bingo, and the Book Fairs to name a few!


Through fundraising efforts, the H&S is able to send every student on field trips, and provide assistance for the purchase of technology, books, supplies, and playground equipment to ensure our students have a great experience while attending York Ave.


Supporting students and staff is the heart of what we do. Whether it’s helping in the classroom, organizing bake sales, managing the book fair, or hosting another fun event, H&S is usually involved.  There's always room for more VOLUNTEERS!