Assistant Superintendent Dr. Todd Bauer's Goals

2018-2019 Goals for the North Penn School District Assistant Superintendent,

Dr. Todd Bauer

Photo of Todd Bauer.

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Goal 1 - Further efforts across NPSD to increase safety and security for all students and staff by:

  • Further developing the integration and implementation of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
  • Developing comprehensive drills to provide more authentic and level appropriate practice for all stakeholders
  • Working with colleagues to implement trauma-informed trainings at all schools
  • Assessing, analyzing and improving practices for threat assessment
  • Exploring more opportunities to increase student and staff accountability utilizing ID badges and swipe access, where appropriate.


Goal 2 - Work to better align the secondary schools for consistency in student and staff experience by:

  • Increasing expectations of cultural proficiency professional development and culturally responsive instructional strategies by working with principals to provide time in teacher schedules to focus their work on meeting the needs of all learners
  • Continuing progress towards consistent bell schedules at the middle school level
  • Streamlining curricular and instructional expectations across the three middle schools and in courses that are offered at the middle and high school levels
  • Examining options to improve the scheduling of specials at the middle school level by surveying surrounding districts and collecting feedback from stakeholder groups
  • Implementing Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) Program at the middle level to ease the transition for all middle school students and to build capacity in student leaders and mentors


Goal 3 - Increase collaboration and cohesiveness among secondary principals by:

  • Providing building tours and walkthroughs guided by the principal of each building with each colleague
  • Collaboratively developing strengths and weaknesses at secondary schools
  • Working together to develop a secondary focus for principals' meetings
  • Continuing to look for ways to increase our inclusive practices at the secondary level


Goal 4 - Begin to educate stakeholders on customized learning and begin to develop the vision for customized learning in NPSD by:

  • Establishing and implementing teams at select schools to participate in the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit's Leadership Design Academy
  • Purchasing, sharing and discussing the book Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning - Customized Learning in the Age of Empowerment with stakeholder groups including secondary principals, cabinet and school board members
  • Beginning to explore instructional models and the expectations in NPSD classrooms in collaborations with curriculum, technology and instructional coaches